Think Right – Right Brain Education for Kids in India

      Right Brain Education is a learning program designed to help your child fully access the powers of both sides of their brain - left and right - to bring out their full potential. Since most learning program focus primarily on the logical left brain, find out how you can help your child achieve whole-brain balance development right here at THINK RIGHT

      Right Brain Education is built upon scientific findings about brain development. As the outer layer of the brain develops from right to left, this gives a window of time during which a child is learning primarily with the right hemisphere of the brain. Here we'll show you methods and techniques to take optimum advantage of this uniquely absorbent right brain learning period.

      Right Brain Education for little ones is quite unique. We believe that during the first 0-6 years of life, the right brain of a child is wide open and ready for educational input of all kinds. These are "periods of opportunity" (prime times) during which the brain is particularly efficient at specific types of learning
    • How successful is the Right brain Method of Education?

      There are more than 500 schools in Japan using the Right brain Method for early childhood education. Outside Japan, there are over 1000 schools operating in the following countries:
      • Taiwan
      • Singapore
      • Malaysia
      • Indonesia
      • Thailand
      • Hong Kong
      • China
      • Canada
      • USA

      More than 150,000 children have practised the Right brain Method across the globe.

      Photographic memory is a rare element that is found in less than 10% of the population. It will often be found in children, and most of them will lose this ability by the time they become adults. People with a photographic memory are always considered to have superior memories. However the concept of photographic memory is so rare that many people don't believe it exists.

      A strong photographic memory refers to being able to recall every minute detail as if you had the object right in front of your eyes. As you can imagine, this is an extremely useful tool to have, and the amount of people who possess this wonderful ability is great and this can cut down on the amount of referring and reading of materials over and over again
    • When will my child be able to demonstrate some of the abilities you have described?

      Think Right is a continuous education process that requires commitment from parents. Continuous practise at home and a good parent-child relationship are needed to achieve a balanced whole brain function. Typically, you will see the difference 6-12 months after you started the early learning program. This may differ depending on your child’s age upon starting the Think Right training.
    • How are lessons conducted? What is my involvement as a parent? What are the teaching techniques used?

      Parent participation is key to the success of the whole brain education using the Think Right method. The 50 min session is fast-paced and filled with early learning activities to activate the child’s right brain and pole-bridging it to the left.
      To help your child achieve his/her greatest potential, parents are strongly encouraged to carry out suggested early learning activities with their children at home everyday. Brain training is a continuous process that requires continuous attention by the parents at home. 20 minutes a day of activities/practice will be great.
    • What happens after enrolment?

      You will be given confirmation of your class details and you will be ready to go! During term time, we will have organised orientation sessions for new families. During the session, parents will get a better understanding and appreciation of the early childhood program and method. Parents will have the opportunity to ask questions relating to the program or parenting.
    • How often are classes conducted? Do you follow the school calendar?

      Our standard classes are once a week for 50 min. We follow the standard school terms:
    • How do I find out more?

      You can register your interest here and we will contact you shortly. Alternatively, you can register to attend one of our demo lessons. During the demo lesson, children and parents will be taken through a lesson so that they can appreciate what the program covers and see samples of its early learning activities. It is usually about 20-25 minutes in duration. If you cannot make it to any of our Demo Days, you are most welcome to make an appointment for a visit on a day and time that suits